Drew Sinclair - piper

Drew Sinclair


Drew was born and raised in Newtonmore, and became interested in pipe bands at an early age after seeing such bands as Glasgow and Edinburgh City Police and Muirhead and Sons performing at the local Games.

In 1973 Drew started to learn to play the pipes under the watchful eye of  gold medalist John McDougall, followed on by Dr Kenneth A MacKay, a founder member of the College of Piping.

In 1976 Drew joined the Grantown and District Pipe Band (which later became Strathspey RBL) he received further instruction and guidance under Pipe Major’s Ian (Foregan) Fraser and John McIntosh. In 1983 he joined the Grampian Police Force and subsequently signed up with the Pipe Band in 1986.

In 1989  he was appointed Pipe Sergeant under PM Mike Murray, a post he held for some 8 years. Then in 1997 he was appointed Pipe Major of the Grampian Police Pipe Band a role held until 2012.   In 1999, Julie Brinklow (Thistle Piping), joined the police band where she met Drew and in the years that followed, Corry, Stuart, Mike & Jade  also came to the band.

In 2013 Drew moved to Blackford and “Thistle Piping Central Scotland” was born and Drew quickly established the business.   Today our southern sister company also offers top quality Pipers & Drummers as we do in Aberdeen.

Drew is a very experienced Piper and retired Pipe Major and has performed at high profile events all over the world.  His wealth of experiences both in Piping circles and as a Police Officer means that at every event, Drew conducts himself in the most professional of manners.  Being a Pipe Major at the level Drew held for all those years brings a magnificant level of knowledge for tradition and music.  I feel very privelidged that Drew is onboard the team.  (J.Brinklow)